markets are conversations
let's talk
Andreu Costa Gatell
  • Born and raised in Barcelona, 1.972
  • Degree in Communication Sciences , Advertising, 1.996
  • Experience in marketing, advertising and graphic design
  • Jr. Qualitative Researcher at TNS, 2.001
  • Freelance and regular collaborator to research institutes, consulting firms and clients, 2.002 - today (15 years professional experience)
  • Currently living in southern Spain, constantly travelling the country -Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Bilbao, etc.-
+350 research projects +1.500 focus groups and interviews
+20 Online communities · Countless analysis hours
  • Extensive experience in multinational projects
  • Moderation and analysis in Catalan, Spanish and English
  • Technology, Auto, Pharma, FMCG-Consumer, Finance...
  • Focus Groups and IDIs, ethnologic interviews and shop-alongs, car clinics, creative workshops, online communities...
  • Absolut commitment and reliability, no matter how small or difficult the task
“More than a methodology, qualitative is an attitude.

I like my respondents to feel comfortable when talking to me, to lower barriers and start a conversation beyond a simple list of questions and replies. The most valuable insights, the real key learnings usually arise when that qualitative link is successfully created.”

MK and research goals analysis and further design, development and quotation of the proposal

Organization and coordination of recruitment, facilities, moderation guide, translation and interpretation, etc.

Face to face and online moderation -focus groups, IDIs, shop-alongs, car-clinics, online communities...-

Qualitative reports -topline, executive and full reports-; debriefs, presentations and workshops.