Andreu Costa

Andreu Costa Gatell · Born (1972) and raised in Barcelona · Currently living in southern Spain, constantly travelling the country -Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Bilbao, etc.-
Degree in Communication Sciences , Advertising (1996) · A few curious jobs/life experience, including building keeper, fruit picker, transporter assistant, granola maker, defaulter collector...
Jr. Copywriter at IDEAS (1996, Barcelona), Founding Partner at TOTEM (1998, Barcelona), Jr. Qualitative Researcher at TNS, (2001 Barcelona), Fouding partner at AMEDIAS (2012, Sotogrande).
Freelance and independent consultant.


Freelance and regular collaborator to research institutes, consulting firms and clients
15 years professional experience
+350 research projects +1.500 focus groups and interviews +20 Online communities
Countless analysis hours
Extensive experience in multinational projects
Moderation and analysis in Catalan, Spanish and English
Technology, Auto, Pharma, FMCG-Consumer, Finance...
Focus Groups and IDIs, ethnological research and shop-alongs, car clinics, creative workshops, online communities...
Absolut commitment and reliability, no matter how small or difficult the task


Independent Communication Consultant
20 years professional experience
Communication strategy, Creativity, Graphic design, Copy-writing, Web design, Social media...
Review and optimisation of active communication strategies and protocols.
Extensive experience with clients from different sectors (tourism, banking, medicine, sports, energy, services...).
Team of specialised collaborators -design, coding, packaging, translation, etc.-

Andreu Costa - research & communication
Andreu Costa

Andreu Costa

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